Claremont High School Bhangra Workshops | 2019

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Mt. Douglas High School Bhangra Workshop | 2018

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Claremont High School | 4 Bhangra Workshops | 2017

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Vancouver Island University | 2016

BIG.BOLD.BEAUTIFUL BHANGRA at the Bellyfit Summit | Victoria Conference Centre | September 18 2016

Belmont High School Bhangra Workshop | 2014

Lester B Pearson Bhangra Workshop - 30 year Reunion | 2014

St. Margaret's School Bollywood Workshop | 2012

Ministry of Health Bhangra Workshop | 2010

Ministry of Environment Bhangra Workshop | 2009

BC Federation of Unions - Women's Convention, University of Victoria Bhangra Workshop | 2007

Intercultural Association Bhangra Workshop | 2006-2007

Self-Development Workshops organized by Ms. Karen Basi, Mrs. Amy Khangura (nee Grewal), Ms. Ruby Rana (Respect, Communication, Problem-Solving, Positive Thinking and Teamwork) and assistance from Lauren Labh. In previous years we held parent communication with their teens workshops coordinated by a professional Psychologist with Punjabi Translation.