Photo Release Form

This form once completed by a parent(s) gives permission to use either as part of a team, individually, or with a special performing guest, a video or photograph of your child/children in our annual newsletter, website, bulletin board, newspaper, poster, performance application(s),youtube and/or pamphlet.  The purpose is for providing information about the school in a visual form. For many students seeing their photograph gives them a sense of pride, it presents a picture of their contribution and important of their time at Shan-e-Punjab. As well for parents/students and Shan-e-Punjab it helps to make the community at large aware of the hard work the students are doing to promote culture and sharing their culture with others in a positive, safe and education manner.

Photographs are only to be used to provide a larger than life image than just words on a piece of paper and we always intend to use them in good faith and honour.

Photographs are only to be used for the purposes of youth programs provided at Shan-e-Punjab Dance School.

Name of child/children *
Name of child/children