Rules and Guidelines


By signing and completing the registration form (s) it is understood that all Rules and Guidelines will be abided by, as well, that the MOTTO is understood including Goals and Objectives, Behaviour ethics and the Code of Conduct of the school.

  •  Please try to arrive for practice as promptly as possible.
  •  If any classes are to be missed please either email  at, or telephone/text at 250 686-3825 (cell). 
  •  In the efforts to respect teamwork, if student(s) miss two or more classes, we would simply ask out of fairness that the child not perform at the next performance, although continue attending classes in preparation for the following performance. In many cases, a student may be absent for emergencies, urgent family requirements or due to illness, as this will not count towards the three or more rule.
  • All performances are done in bare feet or dance shoes and rehearsals are done in bare feet or runners. No socks.
  • We ask parents to be very honest in stating any allergies, medications and any alternate pick-up for the student (s). 
  • For any performance a Performance Request Form needs to be completed and sent to The process is then to contact team leads to see if  the teams are available to perform. Shan-e-Punjab will then confirm with the contact if S.E.P. students are available to perform. We appreciate your requests.
  • All students are to wait inside to be picked up with their teacher until the parent or guardian arrives.


  • We ask students to commit to performances once confirmed.
  • A team member can not perform with Shan-e-Punjab and also be a part of another group. This affects team morale as well as is a conflict of interest.

Clothing & Ethnic Dresses

  •  We simply ask that each student (s) please wear comfortable clothing and runners or dance shoes as we begin with warm-ups, which may include jogging in and around the studio.
  • Each new student pays a rental fee of $65.00, this is a one time rental fee.
  • S.E.P. retains most ethnic dresses and either brings them to the performance(s) or provides them ahead of time. All ethnic dresses are to be returned after each performance.
  •  We ask each student to bring a water to each class so less time is taken away from class as the water fountains are located on the second floor.

Other Important Things

There is absolutely no running allowed, due to sharp corners, stairs, or simply objects in and around the building.

While waiting for siblings no sports equipment is allowed at Dance Victoria.

There is no gum chewing during classes.

Exit doorways are only used in the case of an emergency.

When going to the washroom or to any part of the venue during class time, a teacher must always be notified.

We encourage parents to volunteer, as this is one method of bonding with the teachers and your child and simply makes it more fun.