Ethnic Dress (Rental) Form

Please note we do not call our clothing we wear for performances instead we refer to them as "Ethnic Dresses", they are a pride of a nation, a culture and/or country.

The ethnic dress represents the Punjabi and Indian culture which the school takes great pride. For advanced teams as they get a lot of wear and tear have chosen to purchase their own ethnic dresses. We if it is in our budget focus on first making ethnic dresses for teams that are short, for example, we may seven ethnic dresses from a dance in the previous year(s), however now we have three more students so we budget to get those done first. Then we look at which age group has not had a new look in quite a while, we then budget to get dresses for them next, usually it is one team. The reason for paying the rental form cost fee of $65 is because it goes towards a rental of a previous clean ethnic dress. This is a one time fee.

All ethnic dresses are to be returned soon after a performance to the student(s) teacher. By completing this form the parent(s) or student(s) do agree that any cost incurred due to a tear or damage resulting from carelessness or negligence to the ethnic dress is the responsibility of the parent(s).

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Name of Student(s)