Please note: We require at least one month's notice to plan for any event. A decision for performing at an event depends on availability of the group and other performing conflicts. By completing this form does not guarantee a performance. Approval to perform at any event must come from the Shan-e-Punjab Dance School not any one person.

Name of Requestor *
Name of Requestor
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Please indicate below: Community Event | Fundraiser | Production Company | TV Commercial | Movie or Video Production | Documentary | Honorary Performance i.e. inauguration, special international guests If the performance is for a family event, what type event is it: Wedding | Birthday | Anniversary | Other (please describe) We also request that guests or family not circle money around the performers nor join them while they are performing. However instead if you could provide a bowl or some other means to share their contributions.

We ask that the floor be swept prior to the group performing as most of our teams perform barefeet. We ask for water to be available prior and after the performance if available.  The fee is $300.00 for one performance and if you are providing a cheque it should be made out to the Shan-e-Punjab Dance, Performing Arts and Heritage School. We request payment be made prior to the team performing when the team arrives.